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Here you will find many our most commonly requested forms for concrete masonry units, along with other helpful resources. 

CMHA Resource Center 

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Cut sheets by size for our standard gray CMU. 

SDS - Gray CMU

Saftey Data Sheet report on our standard concrete masonry units. 

sds - custom cmu

Safety data reports on our custom concrete masonry units. 

8in Test Report

The NCMA findings for strength of our standard CMU.

astm specifications for cmu

Standards for specifying concrete masonry units in the United States from ASTM International.


Architectural Concrete Masonry Unit specifications for custom units. 

SDS - Car Stops

Safety Data Sheet report on our concrete car stops.

TBP Credit Application

New to TBP? Follow the instructions on this credit application to apply for credit. 

rainbloc iwr for cmu specifications

The Short Form Specification for RainBloc IWR for CMU.

RainBloc Mixing Instructions

The official guide for how to properly mix RainBloc.

RainBloc Brochure

The complete guide on RainBloc usage.

RainBloc Mortar Specifications

The official guide for mortar usage with RainBloc.

Burnish block sealer data sheet

TK Products product data sheet for TK-192 sealer.  

LEED Report

Official LEED information for our standard gray CMU.

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